Roofs are essential to any house. It keeps the weather outside and it makes your house put together too. However, as all things sometimes they will wear down and you’ll have to tend to it while the problem is little or risk it by waiting and costing you more in the end. In cases like this you might want the help of experts for Columbia roof services to ensure that your roof can be the best possible version of it; it can be.  



Roof replacement is an expensive deal so there is a need for you to take extra precaution to ensure that your roof last longer. You don’t want it leaking all over inside your home when the rainy seasons starts damaging your walls and possibly other units in your home because of it. Here are some tips you can do to make your roof last longer.  


  1. No Overhanging Branches  


If there are overhanging branches over your roof make sure to trim them out. This is so they don’t break and fall in your roof damaging it. Moss could grow in your roof and leaves can pile on it and rot there. Also with branches like this rodents and squirrels now have an access to your roof. Knowing the nature of this animals they can damage your roof with their constant contact to it and their gnawing.  


  1. Yes Clean Gutters  


Make sure to clean your gutters so that there are no roof rafters or roof sheathing rotting because of stuck up waters. Not, only that it can also ruined your side paint and your basement. So, take the extra effort to make sure that your house gutters are clean.  


  1. No Moss  


As mentioned before in the first point, you shouldn’t allow moss to grow on your roof. Moss you see can trap water in them. And you know what happens with the prolong exposure of water on your roof. Damages on it in a form of rots. Although some would be covered with an algae colored black this is different to moss. This type of algae is harmless to your roof and it can be rid off with a little bleach and water.  


  1. Yes Listen and Look  


This is an obvious attempt of inspecting your roof for any damages. Are there leaks in your homes, water stains or you hear loose shingles. If so you should definitely inspect it. Although there is no need to get into your hands and knees on the roof because you can use binoculars to do this.  


  1. Yes Fixing Problem  


You are an expert in your house after all you lived in there for a long time. If you notice something funny get it fixed immediately. If you can do it without aggravating the damage then you should fix a tiny problem with your roof before it becomes bigger. Call an expert if you don’t know how to fix it yourself you’ll be saving more that way.