Not all limo vehicles are created equal. There are different types of limo available out there, and each type has their purposes. There are different models, from regular to upscale classics. So when you hire a limo, there are considerations to do like the event, budget and the location. Limousines are now popular for birthday parties, weddings, proms and other events. 

The following are the types of limo you can choose from and what event you can likely ride one.  

1. Hummer Limousines 

If you’re attending a special occasion with a large number of people, a hummer limousine could be a great choice. If you’re riding a hummer limo, you will definitely steal the attention of the people. You will also definitely enjoy your ride because of the modern amenities like mirrored ceilings, fiber optics, DVD players, video game consuls and champagne bars.  

It can accommodate at least 24 people, and if you want you can choose the one with a karaoke machine. There are other models equipped with lava lamps and 8-inch screen television. You can envision that this limo is big, and it’s not a typical vehicle.  

2. Lincoln Limousines 

For many decades, the Lincoln limousine has been the top choice of the mass because of its distinct grace and style that make the vehicle suitable for different events like graduations, proms, and parties and wedding. This limo is also a good option for airport and corporate events. The model is also equipped with modern amenities like vanity mirrors, overhead controls, dome lights, radio, chute, overlay carpet and many more. It can accommodate 16 people. It also has heavy duty suspension, running boards, leather seats, and champagne cooler and other cool stuff.

3. Party Bus 

If you want to travel in a luxurious way or wants to bring the party on the road, the party bus is the perfect choice. This type of party bus is equipped with dancing piles, strobe lights, smoke machines, and other amenities that make the road party even cooler.  

It can accommodate up to 44 people and still have enough space for the guests to walk around. This is the best choice if you want to party on the go. You can enjoy the party or travel at a different town. This type of limo is also perfect for casino trips, proms and other dope parties.  

4. Luxury Sedan 

The executive sedan is also one of the most common limo. If you want to travel discreetly but still luxuriously, this limo is perfect for you. It can accommodate 3 people, so if you’re picking up a guest from the airport this vehicle will do it. It’s a classier upgrade from a regular taxi which makes you relax, with the amenities like heated rear seats, adjustable rear head restraints, stereo and many more.

5. Stretch Limousine 

This type of limo is a large version of sedan. It can give you a luxurious ride to different events like graduations, weddings and proms. There are many stylish models now equipped with stereo systems, fiber optic lighting and even a hot tub.